Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm 19! (Why do you scoff?)


On April 1, 1991, in a land far, far close to this one - two floors up, actually - Sherman & Co. was born. No clients. No employees. No shoes. (Not strong in math, I still found it to be a good equation: No employees+no clients = no shoes.)

We now begin our 19th year. Hmmm, that would mean I was 21 when I founded the company. (Again, why the scoffing?) Now, a whole floor, not just a spare room, with art work (some original), oriental rugs (copies, sadly, not originals), glass-block windows, dozens of plants that survive my infamous "tough love" gardening methods, computers (nine, I think, but I've lost count - but if that's right, it would be eight more than 1991, and some are laptops and all are networked), and - a big drum roll - the Internet and e-mail and - a REALLY big drum roll - clients!

Gone is the gooey-paper fax machine, the computer with the black screen with green lettering, the answering machine, the non-digital camera, the printer that was a size that matched its price (huge), and the Rolodex file.

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Save the date: April 1, 2011, when we have a party celebrating the completion of our 20th year. Dress code? Shoes optional.


  1. This is a great idea, John. Good luck with it, and don't forget to share it on LinkedIn and Facebook.

  2. Looking forward to the 20-year bash!

  3. Count me in at the shoes-optional party in 2011. Congrats, John!

  4. --Will spend this year searching for
    matching shoes to wear, or duct tape
    to hold them together.

    Meanwhile, write more books for us.

    Shirley P. Gumert