Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now, More Than Ever

We’re just like an air conditioner. We help create the environment that makes you feel good, look good, and get reinvigorated.

We are not fundraisers or sales people, we’re attention-getters who wave a newspaper story, an e-mail blast, a jazzy/user-friendly/informative website, a magazine profile, a TV spot, and/or a radio interview in front of those who will be enticed to write you a check, buy your product, or, as one client once put it, “put butts in those seats” (of auditoriums, chapels, or classrooms). In other words, you could say we offer booty calls. Never thought I’d put that on our list of PR and marketing services!

And now, as August looms, with the economy s-l-o-w-l-y heating up, you need air conditioning like never before. And, come November, you’ll need heat (we’ll go with the image of a comfy, roaring fireplace) – the other side of that environment-creating business.

In this challenging time, when the markets are hot and cold, those of us in public relations, marketing, advertising/underwriting, graphic design, printing, photography, and related businesses strongly believe – and we want you to raise your hands and say, “I believe, too! I really do!” -- the way to combat this slump is to make use of our talents, as the above headline says, “now, more than ever.”

My nephew Mike provided me with a link to stories of companies in the Depression that spent money on advertising as if there were no downturn, as if there were a tomorrow. They survived -- and they’re still with us today (unlike their competitors). No hesitation, no slowing down, but plenty of grit and determination, along with PR and promotions.

That ol’ power of positive thinking, through display advertising, now offered in print and electronic formats, will see you through.

We have a vested interest in this strategy, but we are also common-sense, cost-effective folk and have been, in our case, since 1991. Actually, I think it’s on record somewhere that my mom invented common sense back in the early decades of the 20th century. So, we come by it naturally. (Her use of the same piece of tin foil for decades suggests she invented recycling, too, but I’ll save that for another blog.)

Take advantage of the fact that a lot of your competitors have cut back, so that leaves you with an advantage – I’d say a full-court advantage, but, not knowing anything about sports, I’ll leave that to those of you who do. (I am guessing that’s a basketball thing, since even I know football isn’t played on a court. Or is it tennis? Or Supreme Court nominations?) It’s time –chant once again our mutual mantra, “now, more than ever” – to give us the opportunity to hit hard at creating and implementing an aggressive, focused marketing strategy.

The dollars spent when there were a few more dollars in the drawer now seem to be the ones you want to hold on to, while you wonder why your market share is suffering. It’s time for us to provide you with snappy press releases, smart collateral materials, friend-raising events, fresh website copy, and colorful photos.

Let’s work together to create hot campaigns that are cool.

Booty call!