Friday, July 15, 2011

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The other, new blog, "Generally Sherman, Generally Irate," is to let me rant about social and political issues, domestic and foreign.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slingshot SEO: Now hiring Search Media Authors

This is a guest post by Chi Sherman, a former Sherman & Co. employee and John and Lois’ daughter.

The four years I spent working for Sherman & Co. were invaluable. Through daily interaction with clients, I learned a great deal about interpersonal relationships. As part of a marketing team, I experienced firsthand communications audits and the importance of brand recognition. Working with a variety of clients enabled me to hone my public relations skills, to provide feedback and ideas, and to represent the client at public functions. The best part of my job at Sherman & Co. was getting to write everyday – everything from copy for websites and brochure text to press releases for clients. Strengthening my writing and editing skills certainly prepared me to work for NUVO Newsweekly, which in turn prepared me for my current position as a Search Media Author for Slingshot SEO.

Slingshot SEO is a search engine optimization firm, which essentially means we help our clients improve their search engine rankings by writing guest blogs on their behalf. As a Search Media Author, I find opportunities that will enhance our clients’ presence online. After building a relationship with a blog owner, I write a guest post that adheres to the blog owners’ specifications and, of course, those of the client. It’s a great job – I write at length each day, which is something I only imagined I would someday be able to do professionally.

I started with Slingshot in April, along with about 10 other people. We’ve become a pretty tight-knit group and have seen our numbers grow as the firm continues to bring authors on board. I really enjoy being surrounded by other writers all day. We can bounce ideas off each other and increase our knowledge of search engine optimization. I love it when the team leaders announce that we’ll be spending the entire day writing. At first it was a little unnerving – I was waiting for someone to say, “Just kidding!” – but it never happened. We truly get to write. The freedom to get lost in words is heavenly and I’m so glad for my previous writing experience, both personal and professional, that prepared me to land here.

Be sure to check out Slingshot’s website for the Search Media Author job description – the team is pretty great and the company is really going places.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Food for Thought: Poems, Songs, and Photos

You are invited to a program featuring a poetry reading by John Sherman and Chi Sherman and a musical performance by singer/songwriter Gabriel Harley at Indiana Humanities on Thursday, April 21. In celebration of National Poetry Month and in conjunction with the “Food for Thought” program of Indiana Humanities, join us for an hour-long “taste” of poetry, music, and light refreshments, and a viewing of John’s 10 large-format poetry/photo posters (which are on display all month).

WANT TO SEE THE POSTERS, BUT CAN’T BE THERE FOR THE APRIL 21 EVENT? Just stop in at Indiana Humanities -- Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. -- from now until Friday, April 29. To see three examples, click here. (You can enlarge the images to make the text easier to read.) Here are the details for the John-Chi-Gabriel program:


WHERE: Headquarters of Indiana Humanities (until recently, the Indiana Humanities Council) -- 1500 N. Delaware Street, Indianapolis (Delaware is one way, heading north)

WHEN: 5:30 p.m., Thursday, April 21

FOOD AND WINE FOR THOUGHT: Complimentary wine and nibbles

PARKING: Street parking available, both sides of Delaware, and nearby side streets.

WHAT ELSE: Books by John and by Chi, spoken-word CD by Chi, and musical CDs by Gabriel will available for purchase (and signing) immediately following the program. (Most of the posters are for sale, as well.)